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my second band as a drummer and my first time in a studio, we recorded 14 songs in one day.

here with:

alexander schilz: voc+guit.

andreas korte: bass

mikey wiegand: drums

recorded in 1994 mastered on a tape machine

re mastered 2022 by mikey wiegand



with my spanish friends from pulso i did some gigs btw. 2005 and 2008, i loved to learn new grooves and styles. For this project i created my own drum kit, a mix of drum parts and spanish orginal percussion, the way i played my drum kit deepend on the song, partly i played it like a drum with one stick, even i locked like a monkey goin wild, wasnt very back friendly neither...

recorded 2006 by andreas hammerschmidt….. re mixed and re mastered by mikey ….2021

vocal+guitar: miguel barreda-perez
vocal+guitar: andreas hammerschmidt
guitar: andreas heger
uprightbass: hans-günther flath
percussion: mikey wiegand

evolver song "fools and dice" 2007


lyrics: verona brahms - davis
music:verona brahms - davis, thomas hinkel
produced by: verona brahms - davis, thomas hinkel
recorded and mixed by: thomas hinkel
vocals, drums,bass and strings verona brahms - davis
organ,bass,synthesizers, akk. guitar, percussion: thomas hinkel
guitar: reinhard prohaska
guitar: michael "mikey" wiegand
percussion: nosrat charkhi

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"hey mikey what are you doin today? we have a live gig today and our drummer is sick"

well i sayd: "yes lets do it". so i playd 2h mostly songs i havnt played before....

i ended up in the band, we had some good years together and i was collecting experience.


here a live song from 1995 my first big concert, even my mothers pan made it on stage...


Live Lindenfels Burg Open Air 1995
Lyrics: Frank Mugnier
Music: Souhaas
restored by mikey wiegand


Frank Mugnier: vocals
Edgar Wegmann: guitar
Stefan Perez - Adler: Bass
Steffen Kiene: Percussion
Mikey Wiegand: Drums


by petra arnold

mixed up pictures